River of Winds

River of Winds is one of Kim Yun Soo’s most iconic works: an installation of 54 low-lying vinyl objects based on the footprints of as many people. Kim hand-cut and layered more than 60 sheets of PVC for each footprint, transforming the original forms into an installation of what appear to be an infinitely expanding landscape. By doing so, she is able to materialise the enigmatic presence of the unidentifiable and indefinable world beyond what meets the eye.
In her installation series ‘Desert of Winds’, semi-transparent masses are formed by cutting out vinyl into footprint shapes and accumulating them into a mountain, a cloud, or wind. Others appear to be in the space beyond, a non-existent island, as she describes it, in which she encourages viewers to wander in their own bare feet in the gallery.
Kim Yun Soo is a Korean multi-media artist whose work spans mixed-media sculpture and installations to photography. The delicate and sublime works by Yun Soo Kim are a tribute to her process.