Water Invaders

AZC, the architectural firm, founded by Grégoire Zündel and Irina Cristea in 2001 is concerned with people's happiness, those who live in the cities and apartment buildings, who use public spaces and public transport, and who work in the office buildings, that they design.

In the artistic 'Water Invaders' project AZC seek to provoke within the community, the question, “what is happening here?” To achieve this, they superimposed strange objects on familiar urban contexts. Their bizarre objects are inspired by the much loved characters from ‘Space Invaders’, the 1978 video game and bringing the first video game icons with its concept of the extermination of aliens.

The creature’s forms consisted of different configurations of one basic element which inspired the architects to bring the creatures to the real world using inflatable PVC trampolines as the basic element.