Commitment continues despite Communication delay

As another year ends with still no European Commission Communication, the European PVC Industry is keen to underline its dedication to achieving sustainable production.

Speaking at the fourth global PVC conference in Dϋsseldorf on 30 October, ECVM executive director Jean-Pierre De Grève emphasised the industry’s commitment to the targets set by Vinyl 2010, and stated that – whilst the long-awaited Communication would do much to bring clarity to the debate over PVC and reassure key customer sectors – nothing could drive the industry to compromise its core values.

He outlined the industry’s progress in already answering many of the original concerns raised by the Commission in their Green Paper published in July 2000. By underlining the advantages that the voluntary commitment has brought for the industry, the public and EU authorities, De Grève made clear what a crucial role the PVC Industry plays on several levels.

Jean Pierre De Grève is not alone in anticipating the Communication is almost ready, but warns that: “PVC has now become a lower priority and REACH is taking up most of the Commission’s time. We will proceed even without a Communication but we would like to see it sooner rather than later in order to reassure our markets and customers.”