Effective Communication, Promotion and Education

PVC is a first-class product with many advantages for the items it is used to produce. There is also a large amount of scientific evidence about its environmental performance which almost always leads to the conclusion that PVC can be a sustainable option. The production of all man-made products - including PVC - has some effect on the natural environment. However, the advantages of PVC far outweigh any environmental impact which the material might have and ECVM works to educate the consumer about PVC’s benefits, promoting its acceptance in key markets and communicating with all stakeholders to ensure that PVC is treated in the same way as any other material.

ECVM General Assembly & VinylPlus Launch
ECVM held its General Assembly in Brussels on 21 June 2011. It was followed by the VinylPlus launch on 22 June 2011. For more information on these events please follow this link