Entries for Sustainability Essay Competition Surpasses Vinyl 2010’s Expectations

In this second essay competition based on a sustainable development subject, Vinyl 2010 had for a second time invited young people aged from 18 to 30 years to express their views on one of the key challenges facing our planet.

In early December the organisers already knew that interest in the competition was high because of the high number of pre-registrations from across Europe and around the world. From Finland to Fiji and Malta to Mexico, this competition had attracted widespread attention. And by the competition submission deadline of 31st January, a total of 208 essays had actually been submitted, significantly increasing on the number of entries for the first year’s competition and surpassing the expectations of the organisers.

The 2008/9 competition invites young people to express their views on the following question, “Faced with a food and energy crisis, how can society improve its well-being?". Participants will have the chance to win up to 5,000 Euros and have their essays published.

The Competition is being organised in conjunction with a wide range of partner organisations with interests in the field of sustainable development, including this year’s lead media partner: www.cafebabel.com
Over the next few weeks the submitted entries will be marked, shortlisted and judged by independent judges. But Vinyl 2010 also plans to publish the complete set of entries on line for peer review by mid February.
At the end of March the winner’s names will be published and a book will be published contained 40 of the shortlisted finalists.

Vinyl 2010 is the 10 year plan to improve PVC production processes and products, invest in technology, minimise emissions, reduce waste and boost collection and recycling. Vinyl 2010 is a Partnership registered with the Secretariat of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development.
For more information on this year’s competition and to read the full set of entries as soon as they are published, please visit: www.vinyl2010.org/essaycompetition