This Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is based upon life cycle inventory (LCI) data from PlasticsEurope’s Eco-profile programme. It has been prepared according to PlasticsEurope’s Product Category Rules (PCR) for Uncompounded Polymer Resins and Reactive Polymer Precursors (June 2006). EPDs provide environmental performance data, but no information on the economic and social aspects which would be necessary for a complete sustainability assessment. Further, they do not imply a value judgment between environmental criteria.

This EPD describes the production of the PVC polymer. Please keep in mind that comparisons cannot be made on the level of polymers: it is necessary to consider the full life cycle of an application in order to compare the performance of different materials and the effects of relevant life cycle parameters. This EPD is intended to be used by member companies, to support product-orientated environmental management; by users of plastics, as a building block of life cycle assessment (LCA) studies of individual products; and by other interested parties, as a source of life cycle information.

The EPD approach has been pioneered in France, Germany and Sweden. The EPD provides environmental impact data with indicators, for example on emissions of greenhouse gases, but provide additional environmental and technical information. Environmental Declarations are helpful to downstream users and stakeholders, by providing a useful and verified resource for studies and research.