PVC for Leisure products

PVC for leisure products


PVC is a very useful material for making leisure products:

  1. It is tough and durable.
  2. It is non-toxic.
  3. In its lifecycle it has been found to have a more favourable eco-balance than competitive materials in many applications.
  4. PVC has relatively low energy demand in manufacture which gives environmental benefits compared with some alternative materials.
  5. It is a very versatile material and formulations can be adjusted to give the exact performance and quality requirements for each type of product.
  6. It is cost-competitive, allowing good quality, reasonably priced goods to be manufactured.
  7. It is suitable for products which need to be mass produced for promotions - such as merchandise launched in tandem with film launches.

Leisure products of many different types are made from PVC or contain PVC, including:

  1. Inflatable beach toys
  2. Paddling pools
  3. Balls
  4. Bouncy castles