ECVM Membership

The European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM) represents the six leading European PVC resin producing companies: Ercros, Inovyn, Shin-Etsu PVC, Vestolit GmbH, Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG and the Vynova Group, who produce around 70% of the PVC resin manufactured in Europe.

ECVM is open to membership and new members from the industry. Membership in Europe’s premiere association for PVC entails certain benefits to members

Efficiency and cost savings
Activities focused on the industry
Activities focused to external stakeholders

Efficiency and cost savings
● Pooling resources to carry out actions of common interest, provided compatible with competition regulations
● Examples

– Advocacy and external representation

● Effective PVC Network in most EU countries, and easy access to EU decision bodies

– Communications about the benefits of PVC

● Via the website
● Various newsletters, both internal and external, which keep the readers abreast with news, information or simply the wonders we’re doing with our material.

– Managing studies of common interest, e.g.

● Health impacts of VCM and PVC dust

− 330 k€ for PVC dust, shared by 10 companies: Saving 300 k€ per company

● Cost competitiveness of PVC products (“Total Cost of Ownership”)

− 90 k€ shared by 10 companies: Saving 80 k€ per company

● Reaction to fire and modelling of fire effluents

− 120 k€ shared by 10 companies: Saving 110 k€ per company

● (Future) testing Non Intentionally Added Substances in food contact applications

− Expected saving 50 k € per company

Activities focused on the industry

    • Platform for exchange of information and best practices within the industry in non-competitive areas, e.g. health, safety, environment, sustainability
    • Manufacturing Health, Safety and Environment practices and learning points
    • Annual meeting to discuss accidents, incidents, near misses and corrective measures
    • Industrial hygiene
    • Common guidelines for medical surveillance of workers
    • Collective memory for the industry sector: gathering and maintaining information about PVC issues
    • Mutual assistance to companies facing a H,S&E issue. Some recent examples
    • Company looking for best choice in portable (VCM) gas detectors
    • Remediation of groundwater pollution
    • Safety precautions in flash PVC dryers equipped with direct firing systems

Activities focused to external stakeholders
● Enhancing visibility and credibility of communications with external stakeholders, by representing an entire industry sector
● Ensuring industry speaks with one voice on issues of common relevance

– Consistent and hence more credible advocacy
– Recent example: Preventing PVC to be excluded by the RoHS Directive

● Single entry point for external stakeholders wishing to dialogue with industry

– Saves members’ effort for providing replies

● Networking with other industry sectors and/or other regions

– Dispelling erroneous beliefs about PVC regulations in Europe
– Common response to issues such as eco-labels, standardisation and rating systems