The PVC production process explained

PVC production usually refers to the manufacture of PVC resin, which is the basis for the plethora of PVC products around us. Three types of PVC manufacture exist: suspension polymerisation, emulsion polymerisation and bulk polymerisation.  

The Chief Executive of The Thackray, the UK's leading medical museum, talks about the reason why the museum has decided to focus on the role of PVC in modern day surgery.

Running Time : 11:46 min.

The Benefits of Vinyl
A conversation with Patrick Moore. Produced by The Vinyl Institute.

Running Time: 4:17 min.

Vinyl2010VIDEO from VinylPlus on Vimeo.

Vinyl 2010 Essay Competition 2007
In the film Francesco Falcone, 3rd Prize Winner, talks about his own impressions of the 2007/8 Vinyl 2010 Essay Competition. 

Running Time: 49 seconds

Sense about Science
The key note address made by Lord Taverne at the 10th International PVC Conference. 22-24 April 2008 in Brighton Dome, UK. 

Running time : 21:29 minutes


PVC Pipes - The Best Choice
A video produced by PVC INFO Belgium highlighting the key benefits of PVC as a material for pipe applications.

Running Time: 3:25


ECVM supports the World Water Day 2010
ECVM supports the World Water Day 2010 and its water campaign and launches its video on Water Management in Pemba, Zanzibar (Tanzania).

Vinyl 2010 on course with European PVC industry promises

Impressive Vinyl 2010 achievements keep the European PVC industry on course to keep its promises
In the final year of the Voluntary Commitment, made by the PVC industry back in 2000, the Vinyl 2010's ninth Progress Report highlights the progress made in 2009 towards achieving its targets. 

Nearly zero-energy buildings

The Ozzano Project includes five separate family houses and an Experimental Didactic Centre, which were all completed at the end of 2009. What makes the project at Ozzano even more special is the fact that in combination with the energy saving criteria, it also takes into account the environmental footprint of all of the materials and applications used as a fundamental principle of the design. This is sustainable building design in practice.