Vinyl 2010 at UN CSD-16

At the beginning of May, for the third consecutive year, Vinyl 2010 participated in the UN Partnerships Fair, which is part of the annual Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-16) in New York
Vinyl 2010 was invited as a speaker to present the PVC industry's achievements, as an example of industrial partnership that is well on the way to succeeding in implementing its sustainability goals, thanks to the participation of the whole PVC value chain.

The main themes of the CSD-16 focused on agriculture, rural development, land, drought, desertification and Africa, thus, Chris Welton, representing Vinyl 2010 at the conference, reported on the example of the PVC pipes sector, where raw material producers and PVC pipes producers share similar views in terms of sustainability values, objectives and actions. As a result, this places the industry in good stead to meet the Vinyl 2010 sustainability targets.

Vinyl 2010 has demonstrated the value of the Voluntary Approach as an effective tool for sustainable development, founded on the benefits of working together as a united value chain.

The Partnerships Fair also provided the opportunity to present the results of the first Vinyl 2010 Essay Competition, which was very well received by participants at the CSD-16 and generated a great deal of interest.

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