Vinyl 2010’s Vinylgame is a big hit at Green Week 2008

Vinyl 2010 showcased its new sustainable development based educational computer game at the European Commission's Green Week held in Brussels from 3-6 June. Based around a fun interactive simulation of the PVC value chain and the Vinyl 2010 programme, the ‘Vinylgame' challenges players to handle the daily socio-economic and environmental decisions involved in running their own PVC industry.

During the course of the annual 4-day environmental event, the game proved popular with participants from across Europe. With a prize of an iPod shuffle being awarded each day for the highest score, players, including members of the media and EU policy-makers both young and old were eager to compete to see who could run the most profitable and sustainable industry. Every player was required to play on difficulty level ‘HARD’ and achieve 100% sustainability before the earnings of their industry were counted.

During the game players had to make choices and learn to balance economic growth with health, safety and environmental investments to achieve the sustainable development of their virtual business.


Congratulations to the prize-winning Vinylgame top scorers during Green Week:

(Far left)Tuesday 3rd June Pieter De Corte (Belgium) score: €46,615
"Fun and sustainable. The Vinylgame help you understand how businesses can have a positive impact on the environment."

(Centre left) Wednesday 4th June Elise Renault (France) score: €42,648
"The game shows that economic growth and sustainability are equally important".

(Far right) Thursday 5th June Andrzej Szeremeta (Poland) score: €69,493
"I had not heard about Vinyl 2010 or the Vinylgame before Green Week. The Vinylgame, which is based on the PVC industry's initiative, teaches us about the importance of environmental development and the sustainability approach of the industry".

(Centre right) Friday 6th June Ana Rocha(Portugal) score: €80,711
"I consider Vinylgame a funny pedagogical game where you can be a businessman for some minutes, having an insight into the PVC chain so you can learn in a fun way. Congratulations on this funky idea and thanks for the prize".